Our Mission

"Dedication & Sincerity To Work.To Respond Quickly & Efficiently Cost Effectively To The Causalities At Any Environment Today Tomorrow To Complete Projects Professionally Satisfy Clients With Quality,Safety Durability."


I) MITHILESH SINGH Proprietor 9833737488 (B.Sc. Diploma in Hardware Networking)

II) Arvind Singh Technical Engineer 9892592402(B.Sc.. I.T.)

II) Akhilesh Singh Technical Advisor 9768645880 B.E.(Elec./Mech.)

III) Mr. Vinay Singh Site Chief Engineer 9324407170(B.Sc. Diploma in Networking) (Expert in networking accessories)

IV) Mr. Rajesh Pandey Marketing Manager 9870928095(M.B.A. In Marketing)(M.A. L.L.B.)

V) Mrs. Sunita M Sigh (B.Com.) Accountant 9619274225

VI) Sarita (B.Com) C.S.E. 9819771263


I) MR. Santosh Singh 9029243220(Expert in network engineer)

II) MR. Indrajeet Gupta. Tech. Consultant 9867508204(BSC. Diploma in hardware & networking)

III) Rakesh Pandey( B.E.I.T )